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Current sections of the newsletter include weather, headline news, Vermont history, local events, top #BTV Twitter posts, a daily column, recent SeeClickFix issues, and recent Reddit posts. We are open to adding additional sections as demand calls for it, so contact us if you have any ideas.

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  • How much does BTV Daily cost?

    BTV Daily is completely free.

  • Will you sell my email address?

    No! The newsletter is monetized through sponsorships on Patreon. We will not sell your email address.

  • What are the sources of the information?

    Most of the information in BTV Daily comes from reputable sources like Dark Sky, WCAX, Vermont Digger, The New York Times, and Seven Days. That is, except for the social media posts and quotes. The social media posts are aggregated by looking at popular public posts using particular hash tags (Twitter) and recent posts (SeeClickFix, Reddit).

  • Can my business/event/organization be in the newsletter?

    Yes. Your business, your event, or your organization can appear in BTV Daily by sponsoring it. If you sponsor the newsletter at the "Benefactor" tier ($5/month) or above, you can submit links to the Community Links portion of the newsletter. If you sponsor the newsletter at the "Sponsor" tier ($20/month), the name of your company and a link to its website or social media will appear in every edition of the newsletter as a thank you for as long as your sponsorship continues.

  • Why do you only include summary information and not further details in the newsletter?

    We cannot copy extended information into the newsletter, because that would be a copyright violation. It is however fair use to link to articles on other sites. BTV Daily is a great summary of what's going on, but it can't replace a newspaper for more detailed information.

  • How do I unsubscribe?

    Every newsletter has an unsubscribe link at the very bottom. You can unsubscribe in just two clicks. We're sorry to see you go.


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